The tale of the fractal holographic reality

One upon a time there was an young boy known to be an old soul.

This young boy was always satisfied with the bare simplicities of life.

He never had much attraction to video games or any electric multimedia devices as such.

Instead, he went off to a beach every day to watch the sunset and the beauty of the the stars at night-time.

One evening when he was sitting on the beach and watching the stars together with a friend, something extraordinary happened.

beach night stars

As usual for every evening , he was just sitting on the beach in silence and observing and the immense beauty of the sky.

As his gaze was cutting deeper and deeper into the Great Cosmic Sea; suddenly a childish, innocent but still very powerful feeling & wonder came to his awareness.

He got a strong feeling that there was something more than just stars, bright lights and space out there.

– Where does all this fascinating beauty come from really?

– Who am I, and why can I observe all of this ?

…he was silently asking himself…

In the next moment he felt an expansive feeling growing outwards from his body and as he closed his eyes; he zoomed out of his head with his inner vision.

And suddenly; through the Eye of his mind; he could see himself sitting on the beach next to his friend .

As his inner vision expanded further outwards and he observed himself getting smaller and smaller to the point where both him and his friend were only two small dots, barely visible on the beach.


He could see the entire shoreline where the deep sea was dancing with the mighty mountains.

As his vision continued to zoom out; he could soon see the round edge of the Earth and the bright beams of the sun shining on other side of the globe.


Zooming out further and further, he could soon see the blue, brown, green and white colors of the Earth as it was spinning around itself and rotating around the sun.


Soon he could see the whole solar system with the movement of the different planet spinning around the sun.


And as the expansion continued further he could see that all of the others stars also had planet around them.


And even further he could se how these stars, the neighbors to our sun, made up the entire Milky way galaxy.

milky way

And his vision continued until the Milky way became just a single bright dot, part of a bigger galaxy cluster.


And the galaxy clusters turned soon into bright dots themselves, part of a network of galactic supercluster structure.


 His vision zoomed out to the point where he could now see our entire universe a single whole.


And as he zoomed out beyond the limits of the known universe, he could see how the entire universe was just a single dot, which turned out to be just a single atom.


A single atom embedded in the molecular structure inside the beating heart of a living & breathing being.


This turned out to be a human being who was sitting ALONE on a beach in a distant word, with his feet in the sand, gazing out in Great Cosmic Sea and wondering what is out there.


He could now see that this human being was himself.

And in that very moment, he could re:member the holographic, self-similar, fractal and eternal nature of the universe.

The end & a new beginning.


Carl Sagan – Fractal Universe – Carl Sagan’s Cosmos


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