Meditation can be many things; but in its essence and despite any method used; its about finding the center point or the void within, and to bring the sense of peace and clarity that dwells there into our lives.

The void within is the point of observation which is behind all layers of identity and thought. A place where one can see things as they truly are. Thats is; without filters and layers of the Ego-mind, the inner child, inner teenager or any other layers of identity that distorts our vision and understanding of reality.

From this point or void within; love, peace, balance, clarity, nessesary action, necessary thought & necessary feelings arises naturally without effort.

From an energetic point of view; Its about finding the horizontal and vertical balance between heaven & earth and the feminine & the masculine.



Vertically; the center-point is the heart; This is the Seat of the Soul and the balance point between Heaven and Earth

Horizontally; the center-point is the third Eye; This is the Seat of Spirit and the balance point between the masculine and the feminine.

And somewhere in-between these two is of the metaphysical center-point. This is the void, the singularity and no-thingness from which everything in existence emerges; Infinite possibility; the non-identified presence from where creativity, clarity, clairvoyance and authentic love arises.


So by tuning our energy centers and finding the I AM presence; we can allow peace, clarity, creativity, joy, sadness, higher consciousness, no-thingness and all other beautiful aspects of Live flow through us freely exactly the way it wants to flow in syncronicity with All-That-Is.

Then we can be free from blockages, restrictions and whatever that holds us back from being who we really are; pure and unidentified beingness; infinite potential; the source of creativity love, joy and so on.


Conscious Sitting Meditation;

1. Sitting or laying down with closed eyes in stillness and silence for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis and observing your breath & focusing nothing. Simply just relaxing and letting go of everything with each breath. Breathing in lightness, breathing out heaviness.

2. Sitting or laying down with closed eyes in stillness with higher vibrational sounds such as Sinepearl or R. Carlos Nakai for at least 20 minutes on a daily basis and observing your breath and focusing on nothing. Simply just relaxing and letting go of everything with each breath. Breathing in lightness, breathing out heaviness.

3. Spending time in nature, grounding oneself with 

5. Guided Meditation

In the beginning, it can be great assistance to listen to guided meditations; such as the following;

There are many free guided meditations available for free online; feel for yourself what you get drawn to and listen to that. There are tons of free guided meditations available online.

5. Meditation through bodywork or instruments

Meditation in its essence is to tune in to the center point of Being-ness.

Although conscious meditation & sitting in stillness is a much recommended and powerful method; This is not necessarily the only way.

Other ways are meditation through Yoga, Thai Chi, Chi Gong, free flowing bodywork and going for a walk or run in nature.

The meditational state of pure Beingness can also be achieved through playing instruments such as the guitar, the sitar, drums, flutes and so on.

Whatever makes you to loose yourself can be your meditation.


No matter what method that you are using to find the point of stillness; there will be thoughts coming up with various intensity.

A good way of handling thoughts is to see them as energy bubbles; which is exactly what they are.

meditation thoughts

These bubbles are energy transmissions, they do not define us and they do not always even origin from our own minds or hearts. Thoughts are all around us and have many different sources. Such as; other your have a bonding with, collective throughout patterns, broadcasted throught-streams of various sorts.

“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.” – Nikola Tesla

As soon as we see them for what they are; simply bubbles floating everywhere and sometimes coming and merging with our head space; they suddenly become much less annoying and quite easy to deal with.

So if a though bubble comes to your head during meditation, just remember; the more energy and attention you give to it , the more the bubble will linger and grow.

‘Where attention goes, energy flows’ – Unknown

If we give these thought-bubbles endless energy and focus, they will grow become our entire life.

meditation thoughts1
Resisting and/or fearing a bubble gives energy to it, so the recommendation is to not resist it.

Let the though come; welcome it, let it flow through your head-space as a guest, and then simply let it go and flow out by continuing to breathe in lightness and breath out heaviness.

meditation thoughts2




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