Raw Ice Cream Recipe: Strawberry, chocolate & coconut infusion with crunchy surprises

topYes, thats right; a fully raw ice cream recipe with strawberry, chocolate and coconut flavor coming with nutty & crunchy surprises inside.

This is more than just possible because its delicious, vibrant and actually HEALTHY as opposed to the processed dairy alternatives that are sold in the supermarkets.

So, you can go ahead and eat just as much as you like, and still feel good about it! Welcome to the new paradigm of abundance and pure self love 🙂

Below is the recipe for how to make your own. The preparation time is less than 10 minutes.

As usual, I always recommended to only use organic, raw and fresh ingredients.

Even if some of the ingredients are below are frozen, its much better to get the fresh fruit and freeze them yourself a day before.

This way you make sure that the ingredients are fresh, vibrant and still full of life-force energy. Enjoy!


You will need a food processor for this recipe.


Ice cream base

2 deep frozen bananas
1 handful of frozen strawberries (5-7 berries)
1 tea spoon cacao
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 very ripe & dried fig / alternatively 1 pitted date


1-2 fresh strawberries, chopped into small pieces
1 table spoon of shredded coconut
1 handful of nuts (I choose pistachios simply because its my favorite: hazelnuts, aliments walnuts or any nut of your choice works just fine)  


Have in mind that the base for this recipe is simply frozen bananas and NOTHING ELSE.  You can be as creative as you wish and use whatever other ingredients of your choice; blueberries, oranges , raw chocolate and so on. Just go nuts and bananas, you mind is the limit.


1. Peel 2 yellow, perfectly ripe bananas and put them in the freezer (inside a container of whatever sort), and let them become deep frozen. Do the same with a handful of fresh strawberries.

2. Place all of the ice creme base ingredients listed above inside a food processor and mix all for a minute.

3. Stop the processor to scrape down the chunks stuck on the sides. And the continue mixing for another minute.


4. Repeat step 3 again, and mix until you have a nice & creamy consistency. Be careful to not mix for to long so that it looses its consistency.



5. Before serving in a cup and adding the topping, add half of the nuts listed in the topping list above and mix it in manually with a spoon so that you get the crunchy surprises inside the ice creme (do not use the food processor for this step!)

6. Transfer the ice creme to a cup (or into raw ice creme cones!), add the toppings listed above.


Enjoy this deliciousness!

– Mehdi Nodehi

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