The chicken or the egg causality dilemma solved by Unity Consciousness

Most people have heard of the chicken or the egg causality dilemma, which goes;  The chicken/hen or the egg; which came first?


Separation consciousness tells us; They both come from each-other, so its impossible to say. Its a paradox because they are obviously separated, but seem very inderdependent. This is confusing, yet mystical and fun; lets discuss it for another 5000 years.

Unity Consciousness tells us; They came exactly at the same time. It is a scientific fact that both the Chicken and the Egg are exactly the same organism; developing simoultaniously through the process of evolution.

No need for any discussions because they were in fact never separated.

The separation is an optical delusion and the answer is hence; they came into existence simultaneously.

Just like the chicken and the egg dilemma, ALL dilemmas in life can be seen in the same fashion; Either through the point of vivoe of Unity Consciousness or Separation Consciousness.

When we see the world through our Separation Consciousness, dilemmas, paradoxes and confusions are born.

When we see the world through our Unity Consciousness the dilemma and confusion is dissolved instantly, and the ultimate truth always prevails.

– Mehdi Nodehi

About the Author

M.Sc. in Biochemistry, creator of, intuitive energy worker, conscious visionary and entrepreneur.

Previous education, research & work involves; In vitro evolution of regulatory proteins at the Dept. of Biochemistry at Uppsala University.  Market Analyst & Consultant at GE Healthcare, Product Manager at Isconova (Vaccine Adjuvant Supplier). Initiator & co-creator of Earthship Biotecture Sweden & Earthship Biotecture Europe. A graduate from the School Of Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of agricultural Sciences. 12 years of independent public interest research and analysis.

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