Do we really need to choose between left and right ? How about moving forward?

The truth & the problem of both the left and right ideologies. 
When it comes to how our society can be structured and how our resources could be handled and distributed, it seems as if we have forgot that there are endless possibilities in how this could happen.

It seems like we have ended up beeing stuck in an endless political debate between the left and right; or between capilatalism and socialism.

left and right
Capitalism being an individualistic view, were the rights of the individual and its freedom to be creative, productive and accumilative is seen as more important than the collective and its right.

And socialism being an collectivistic view, were common welfare and collective productivity is seen as more important than the individual and its rights.

But what if there is a truth in both?

What if both the individual and the collective are equally important?

What if the well beeing of the individual and the collective are interdependent?

What if by making one of them more important than the other; we will never reach the highest potential & highest state of well beeing for neither.

And what if we dont have to choose one or the other, and can come to realise that the rights of the individual and the collective are equally important to look after.

I’d like to suggest this is exactly the case and that the political left and right thinking is an endless mindgame and debate that we have put our selfes in and that is doomed to fail which ever way we choose to go.

This is yet another a classic case of getting stuck in Separation Consciousness. 

When viewing the world throug the view of Unity Consciousness, it is absolutly clear that the well being of the individual AND the collective are completely interdependent; and therefore equally important.


This is much easier than many intellectual people would like to argue.

Simply by truely allowing & supporting the individual to provide itself with its basic need so that it can exist without material suffering, we can make the collective thrive.

This includes ;

– Shelter from extreme heat and cold
– Clean drinking water
– Sanitation
– A small space to grow food.

This is what the individual needs anyway to be able own its own lifetime. Something necessary to unfold its inner creativity and be productive according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

This is be possible to make real via the Earthship solution for example.


This way, we can build a society were there is no need for state or corporate control over the resources.

A society were everyone (the collective & the individual) have their basic needs fulfilled but are still allowed & free to be more creative & productive and accumulate wealth that expands beyond its basic needs, without the cost of it being the loss of other peoples basic needs.

This would help us get out of the endless political debate, take action and go beyond Capitalism & Socialism; neither right, nor left; but going forward and up in a balanced manner.


– Mehdi Nodehi

About the Author

M.Sc. in Biochemistry, creator of, intuitive energy worker, conscious visionary and entrepreneur.

Previous education, research & work involves; In vitro evolution of regulatory proteins at the Dept. of Biochemistry at Uppsala University.  Market Analyst & Consultant at GE Healthcare, Product Manager at Isconova (Vaccine Adjuvant Supplier). Initiator & co-creator of Earthship Biotecture Sweden & Earthship Biotecture Europe. A graduate from the School Of Entrepreneurship at Uppsala University and the Swedish University of agricultural Sciences. 12 years of independent public interest research and analysis.

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